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  1. L❤️O❤️V❤️E this song!
    R💙E💙M💙i💙X 🧨🧨🧨🧨
    D💋A💋V💋E💋’S voice

  2. This is very close to being better than the original. Awesome 👏 work much appreciated in this time of despair and uncertainty. One thing for sure is depeche mode will always make us feel better no matter what ✌️

  3. Just keeps getting better the more I listen to your DM remixes, you are a genius!! Have you ever thought to get in contact with DM and suggest that you REALLY could and want to produce and remix DM´s next album or the first single from the upcoming album in the future? I think that it would very very surely get DM back into the nro 1 slot on the singles chart? I´m not joking, I´m dead serious!!