Amateur unofficial fanvideo for Depeche Mode’s Perfect song.
(with lyrics, click to more info…)
A song written by: Martin Lee Gore.

,,On another world by another star
At another place and time
In another state of consciousness
In another state of mind

Everything was almost perfect
Everything fell into place
The jury reached a different verdict
Before the judge dismissed the case

In a parallel universe
That’s happening right now
Things between us must be worse
But it’s hard to see just how

And everything could have been perfect
Everything in the right place
Then I wouldn’t have to play the suspect
Accused, abandoned, and disgraced

I didn’t shoot, I didn’t pull the trigger
It wasn’t me I’m just a plain and simple singer
I heard the sound, I turned my head around
To watch our love shot down

In another lonely universe
We’re laying side by side
And no one’s hurt and no one’s cursed
And no one needs to hide

And everything is almost perfect
Everything is almost right
There are never any conflicts
There are never any fights”

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  1. ive lost my love like that i still wonder in days this video i should have never watched its opened up my wound that festered.. now it can heal cleanly. so thank you for sharing this i feel for your loss and know every pang and thing you cope with hurts i hope you find happiness and i also know nothing will fill that void but the memories are all you got. just hold to what you got and if you believe you will see her again.. so believe ….i believe .

  2. I used to like to like this song right up to when my "friend" had to go and inform me that it sounded to him like Duran Duran. Put me right off it….

  3. have to say, still not close to a favorite DM song, but also still one of my favorite videos since…can't remember when you guys released it 🙂 thumbs up

  4. I love this track, one of Depeche Mode's best songs ever, in my humble opinion.
    Great video – it truly befits the lyrical and atmospheric elements of your video; or rather both video and song complement each other.
    Stellar video my friend.

  5. I still keep this way of living, called Depeche Mode. And will do it all my live. Love all their studio albums from Speak & Spell to Delta Machine and waiting for 14th, they are recording It in Santa Barbara. Sounds Of The Universe iš good album, this song really perfect :)!

  6. better than any hip hop rap music or song cause is actual music were as hip hop rap is not even music it's just brain washing crap that tells lies about this world another words good job Depeche mode