Album: Speak and Spell
Track: 7
Year: 1981

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  1. Photographic Puppets and Blasphemous Rumours my favourite Depeche Mode songs of all time started listening to them in 82 loved them ever since

  2. A white house, a white room
    The program of today
    Lights on, switch on
    Your eyes are far away
    The map represents you
    And the tape is your voice
    Follow all along you
    Till you recognize the choice

    I take pictures
    Photographic pictures

    Bright light
    Dark room
    Bright light
    Dark room

    I said I'd write a letter
    But I never got the time
    And I'm looking to the day
    I mesmerise the light

    The years I spend just thinking
    Of a moment we both knew
    A second boss looking into
    It seems it can't be true