Here is one of my favorite songs (: I think it has an extraordinary melody and beautiful lyrics, and both are very touching.
I do NOT own this song, NO copyright infrigment.
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  1. I always thought PRECIOUS was about a polyamorous love triangle. "Keep room in your ❤️ for two" But a couple months ago Richard Spencer & Styx were discussing their mutual admiration for DM. Spencer explained that Gore wrote it for his child in the midst of his & the mom's divorce.

  2. Definitely my favorite Depeche Mode song. Back in the day my parents were so eager to buy this album – Playing The Angel. It was one of the greatest songs of 2005! What a year! The year when so many of my favorite hits were born! I was 5th Grade and couldn't stop listening. Back in the day Shakira was in her prime, she had awesome hits. Camisa Negra was out too. Bon Jovi released Have A Nice Day. Two Bulgarian pop titans also released their top-notch songs that year – That's Us (Tova sme nie) by D2, their last song with Dicho on vocals, and Grafa's If There Was Heaven (Ako ima rai.) And later I found out that this year also spawned Stricken by Disturbed and Radio/Video by SOAD. I don't remember if same goes for I Stand Alone by Godsmack or it came out in 2006 or 2004, but man! 2005 was such a great year of music! And Precious remains my favorite song of that year. After If There Was Heaven. P

  3. Songs of Faith and Devotion got me into Depeche Mode back when I was just a kid and after many years this song brought me back to them and led me to seeing them live for Touring the Angel which was an absolutely remarkable experience.

  4. A song written for parents who fuck their children's lives up, because they are selfish bastards. Great lyrics, great track. To the point.