DEPECHE MODE – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. June 3rd 2017. Full Concert.

Also check out this 🙂 …


  1. Question….?  Should Depeche Mode be considered for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, given that acts like Madonna, Earth, Wind & Fire, and the Bee Gees have been inducted?

  2. Came out of that Great gig, to hear about the terrorist attack in Borough market and spent a few tense hours around the tubes..RIP to the victims.

  3. I was here! My first DM concert ever. Was the most amazing experience, yet so heartbreaking about the attacks that happened in London at the same time the concert was finishing.. I remember waiting in fear in the carpark not too far from the attacks. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of such a horrible tragedy.

  4. Drop the stupid guitar, take that insolent distortion off your voice, go get your Jupiter 4, Moog D and EMU Sampler that you started with. Where is the old sound of Construction Time Again and the good stuff.


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