Live in Stockholm, Isstadion, February 12th 1988.

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  1. A lot of bands in the 80s had songs with religious themes such as don't mess with a missionary man by the Eurythmics. Eveybody Wants to Go to Heaven by Love and Rockets, Duran Duran New Religion, and It's a Sin by the Pet Shop Boys just to name a few.

  2. They were really great in the 80's, but i would't say every song was great though, but it's a matter of opinion afterall…

  3. Can't believe there is just one live video for Sacred, it deserves more. What's more there is a professional video camera on the right of the stage, I think. What a pity ! thks for the post.

  4. i saw them live in London this year, and his voice was very accurate, but what can I say, he used to sound even more awesome! impressed at the sound quality of this video from the 80s