Music video by Depeche Mode performing Soft Touch/Raw Nerve (Live on Letterman).

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  1. @ Samuel Iniguez – make that 5 with 'no life'. Impressed also that you equate standing out from the herd with not having a life – well done little child!

  2. only a 30+ yr band like DM stature can pull off a live show with half new music. So what if this sounds like a pop song, Guaranteed it will still play decades from now compared to anything else out there right now.

  3. the vocal perfomance extracted doesn't sound reallly really nice dave gahan is the holder of an incredible voice but there is very often too much exaggeration

  4. Me recuerda un poco a A ''QUESTION OF TIME''y ''JOHN THE REVELATOR''… Con el mismo estilo siguen creando y sorprendiendo,nunca se rinden… ESO ES VIGENCIA! Admiración y aplauso largo desde Argentina.