‘Violator’ (Mute Records 1990)

Script&directing/video edition:
Adrianna Dziedziela
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adrianna-Dziedziela-PhotographyVideography/347534815301154?fref=ts

logotypes/icons/fonts: Anton Corbijn

Depeche Mode-The Sweetest Perfection (Mute Records 1990 All rights reserved)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights for the music.It’s just a fan video we made with passion for the band.

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  1. Fajny klimat a'la Corbijn. Podoba mi się nawiązanie do World In My Eyes i fragmenty na czerwonym tle. Uważam tylko, że niepotrzebne są kadry Depechy z ETS, ale to moje subiektywne zdanie. Generalnie z każdym teledyskiem coraz ciekawiej.

  2. this is so good !!!! i think it would have been fantastic as a stand alone video without the clips of the depeche boys in it even though it does connect back to the music i loved it 😀

  3. Loving these fan made video's have Depeche seen them? obviously a lot of time and effort have gone into making these.The lighting and the feel of it looks very professional.I have followed Depeche for years and i think they would approve. There's a Depeche tribute band playing in London tonight at the 02 in Islington. : )

  4. This video gave me the chills!!! this is one of my favorites songs from Depeche Mode! (well… it's really hard to say which one is not, haha) Been following Depeche Mode since I was twelve! now I'm 28. I remember that my dad used to play DM for bed time… I've always had their rhythm in my life. they're my soul and the door to my feelings!!! YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB with this video!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Dearest Adrianna Dziedziela,

    What a Masterpiece. Just beautifully executed perfection, as always.

    DM’s music, and your eye for art, is awesome (Zaebis/Zajebiste/Mucho Bien).

    DM is a group of the highest caliber!

    I've been a fan since 1984, and back-tracked, too.

    Much Love from the USA, to you. Your friend always, with greatest love,

    Adria (адриа)
    SAG-AFTRA actress, voice-overs, dancer, and professional driver (race cars and cars)

  6. I apologize, the song is wonderful always been a huge fan of D.M….and the video is astonishing, problem was…I couldn't hear it….that was the part that sucked.
    many apologies for my poor articulation.