Hilarious interview with Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher

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  1. The original interview has been cut. The interviewer called Fletcher a racist (about his remarks about the French). Was it a joke? Even if it was it's not exactly funny considering the number of French people who idolise them, and supported them when back in the days they were being slaughtered in the British press.

  2. I love the question at 2:48. In which countries are you bigger than Craig David? This is from 2005. Craig David was huge in the UK back then. Depeche Mode were these old 80´s band who had a hit in 1981 and wore bondage in mid 80´s. That´s how they are perceived in the UK. It´s 2018 and DM just finished their tour that sold 3 million tickets. Craig David´s tour was a bit shorter – 12 dates, 6 in the US and 6 in the UK. Craig David´s latest album beat Depeche Mode´s Spirit in the UK again. He was nr. 2, DM only nr. 5. The second best Craig David´s chart position was in Australia – nr. 43. Depeche don´t do well in Australia, yet they still beat Craig David reaching nr. 14. Also, Depeche Mode went nr. 1 in more than a dozen countries and Top 10 in 15 other countries.

  3. @2:43 — Dave's American(ized) accent slips with his pronuncatiation of "ask." You can always tell when these Brits have been living in the States for too long. 😛

  4. Interviewer: How about Louis Vuitton? Andy Fletch: I don’t carry hand bags. Fletch is a savage! 😂 Also Martin thought the interviewer was gay and at the end interviewer told Martin that he’s his favorite 😂