Depeche Mode The Things you said 2009

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  1. amazing even today they're amazing they're not getting older seems like they're getting younger their work is just begun I'm waiting what new era they're going to take us into is there a line astrological and they're still moving us up to this day and I know because most of their songs are aligned with my life they sing a things that happened in my life their tune in to the time the longitude latitude in time and coordinates that's very hard for people to understand that but God has a hand over them and it's weird because only a few know what I'm talking about. we're coming into a new time that's transitioning into a new Evolution that only some of us on Earth can feel and relate what they sing about in tune core assistance. what I'm trying to say is that what they sing about I can relate to because it's happening at the same time you're singing about what my life is going through what's happens with a relation of an act meant. it's spiritual! there's no such thing as they're getting older are there getting younger are they washed up. music is changing because they are changing music they're leading us into a new generation there in front of everybody else as we know it.

  2. A few times per year I always remember this remix and come back to it. Great job! So much DM goodness in this mix, you preserved so much of the essentials in this track what makes DM, DM… a perfect remix!

  3. moja mlodosc 30 lat temu i teraz slucham to jakbym odmodnial te 30 lat jest super uwielbiam depeche mode😉