Depeche Mode Violator Album Promotion
Live at Wherehouse Los Angeles 1990
Photograph Session

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  1. The "Violator" album takes me back to my teenage years & afew more years left of HS.Happy 25th anniversary when release for the "masses".

  2. i can't believe i'm back in hell, by wich i mean sweden. but even after seing all 5 Taylor Swift LA shows during her last tour, my 10 year old daughter missed her old friends so much that… well, here i am.

  3. Sometimes I forget there was actually a time where people gathered to record shops to buy an album on release day and there were long lines for that album. My, how times have changed.

  4. Wow, insane…
    I was 1 at that time
    And not even in this country 😁
    my my… how interesting to see all this people happy to see DM in 1990. I wish I had seen them in their younger years. Must have been an enthusiastic time. They are so gifted! 👏

  5. Since I heard all these opinions in this report, my question to you all is: Why do you like/love DM? Just interested
    What do you think about them? What was is it like back than?

  6. I ditched school and was there all day. When the band arrived, it got crazy and scary. I thought I was going to die by shattering glass as I was crushed against the Wherehouse's windows. Needless to say, I never met the band. It was mindblowing to go home that night and watch all the local tv newscasts talk about Depeche Mode. You can tell DM wasn't a familiar topic for them.

  7. Love DM but nobody was seeing grunge coming yet, thinking they were going to be the band of the 90s. To be fair DM did fine in the early 90's, songs of Faith and Devotion did very well and all, but Violator would be their peak by far. A friend gave me a taped copy of violator in 1991 and i was into it for a while but it would take about a decade more before i dug into their 80's stuff.