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Part 3 of an in-depth album review series of Depeche Mode’s 7th studio album , “Violator”, released in 1990.

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00:00 – Intro
01:25 – World in My Eyes lyrics analysis
05:23 – Sweetest Perfection lyrics analysis
08:36 – Personal Jesus lyrics analysis
12:35 – Halo lyrics analysis
18:12 – Waiting for the Night lyrics analysis
21:55 – Enjoy the Silence lyrics analysis
25:09 – Policy of Truth lyrics analysis
29:08 – Bless Dress lyrics analysis
31:33 – Clean lyrics analysis

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  1. This is part 3 of my Depeche Mode Violator album review series. In this episode we interpret and discuss the song lyrics. Be sure to catch up with all the previous episodes by searching my previous videos catalogue!! VG 🙂

  2. "Waiting for the night" for me is about our 'little escapes', our ways to bear with reality by taking some moments off once in a while, f.i. at night being alone
    "Enjoy the silence" reminds me of the complexity of verbal communication and of how easily what someone said can be misunderstood

  3. I also think of Dave when I hear "Clean". When you think of the lyrics and the time the song was recorded its a kind of a bizarre irony about it all.
    Dave once said that the last time he had fun with drugs was about 1990-91. During the Violator time.
    We all know that after that it all went downhill pretty fast for the guy.

    But today Dave can sing the song with a cheerfull spirit.

  4. I got goosebumps when you read out the lyrics to ‘Clean’. I played this track on cassette on repeat on a flight to the US when I was 18 for 7 hours. It’s their greatest track. It’s saved me many times.

  5. Great video again. For me all the songs in Violator are mostly about sex and things that are "sinful". They way Martin writes is what makes them special. Can't wait for the next episode.

  6. One of the greatest listening moments ever was the first time I heard "Sweetest Perfection" where there is that minor-key orchestral swell after "I know that nothing can stop me." I know that this Part 3 is strictly about the lyrics, but this shows Depeche Mode's genius on this album in accentuating those lyrics and creating a cinematic feel.

  7. Well, what I really love about Martin Gore and his lyrics, is that you can almost decide for yourself, what these lyrics mean to you… The only time I have actually heard Gore explain lyrics, was when “Precious” came out. Nice part 3 VG!! 👍🏻

  8. I always thought Personal Jesus was about S&M " six of the best put me to the test" Martin you kinky bastard! "Hahaha, He HeHe He"

  9. Thank you for these great in depth videos for all of us die hard DM fans.
    I think of Black Celebration, Music for the Masses and Violator are the master trilogy with Violator being the apex of them all. It is a true master piece as a whole.
    So here's my interpretation of Halo. I believe it's 2 people cheating on their spouses knowing when they leave their spouses and break up the family their worlds will fall apart, the walls come tumbling in, though they may deserve it (feeling of guilt) it will be worth it to be with one another. That's my take on it anyway.

  10. Hey Vaughn, I think policy of truth is about a girl cheating on a man or vice versa and it’s about someone telling the truth to their significant other that they cheated on them and have to pay the consequences and in never again is what you swore the time before lyric means that a person who cheated before on someone else they would never do it again but they lied and did it to a new person and that’s how the saying goes of once a cheater always a cheater.

  11. Also I do agree with your interpretation of halo. But I see that song as feeling someone’s mistakes through their body language and expressions as you said. But, I think that in the lyric there’s a famine in your heart an aching to be free means that the person who messed up in a relationship or did something evil in their spirit there’s an aching to be free and become a better person from it and “cant you see all loves luxuries are here for you and me” is like come with me for a better life and I’ll teach you and when is says, “And when our worlds they fall apart
    When the walls come tumbling in
    Though we may deserve it
    It will be worth it”
    Means that if we were to be together we will have struggles but at the end it will be worth it

  12. World In My Eyes: definitely about a sexual experience (You won't have to move…he's servicing her…let me put you on a ship…she's on top…let my body do the talking…self-explanatory)
    Sweetest Perfection: Martin was obsessed with S&M and that scene. He's describing the feeling of helplessness that he loves to surrender himself to. Halo falls under the same category. When he writes "You" he means "I". I wear guilt…He had a religious upbringing.
    Personal Jesus: about TV 'preachers' and the monetization of religion.
    Waiting for the Night: I think this was written when he was much younger. About a dysfunctional family life, and the only time he can escape is when night falls and they (his parents) sleep.
    Enjoy the Silence: Martin's plea that his partner not talk during the post-coital glow. Some things (he has often said that he equates sex with religion) cannot be put into words and are too special to try.
    Policy of Truth: about his mistake in being so open about his enjoyment in wearing women's clothes. He received a lot of flak about this: from fans, management, and other band members.
    Blue Dress: he's getting off on a woman dressing up in bondage gear-his favourite costume of hers.
    Clean: About him trying at this point to kick his addiction to S&M. It cost him a few relationships. But notice he says he's clean, but 'sometimes' falls. The song Heaven shows this, too, that he can't help but give in to it still. Well, addictions are powerful things.

  13. Interesting take on World In My Eyes. I always took it to be about Virtual Reality. I also thought Policy Of Truth was about staying in the closet as a homosexual.

  14. when he will finish his career (hopefully not soon) maybe Martin will write a book about the meanings of the lyrics of his tracks, that will be something