Depeche Mode’s Fletch performs his “Safety Clap” single!!
Not to be taking too seriously of course !!

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  1. This is the moment IΒ΄m glad to do home office…if I had listened to this in the office, no one would understand why IΒ΄m giggling like crazy with my headphones on.

  2. I thought we weren't giving Fletch anymore stick. At least we've finally found out what he did, or didn't do. I've been mystified since the 80s. At least I can now see what he did…..(or didn't). I was mentally disfigured by DM in the 80s, they really caused me huge problems. I was even more disturbed by fletch and his waving. I always thought he was waving at me at concerts. Maybe not now!πŸ€—

  3. Haha! Love it, Vaughn! Too much time on your hands during lockdown πŸ˜‰ I’m guessing some people here don’t see it for the affectionate parody it is…