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Video: Cheryl Farrington

Please note: this is a version from the (Out of Print) DVD

Track # 5 Blue Labyrinth by Axis from DVD Didgeridoo Trance Dance:
With its spirited beat and beseeching didge horns, this song is a playful release of energy. A decisive, purposeful dance, out of the shade towards somewhere bright. the future perhaps!

Mike Edwards: Didgeridoo
Michael Jackson: Didgeridoo
David Russell: Bass, Keyboard

Description of the CD:
Pumping rhythms of the wild. Droning, eternal voices of an ancient-future. Exotic nature sounds and rapid-fire percussion create an inter-dimensional journey into mindless spirit.Kaleidoscopic images surf through sound waves of pulsating didgeridoo from the UK, NYC and Afro-Caribbean.

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  1. Fantastic set! And I especially liked this video, too. I jumped right onto iTunes to pick up the trance dance albums, but couldn't find them there. Looks like it will be amazon CDs. (I don't especially like mp3 compression files).