DMT The Spirit Molecule
Deep Meditation Trance Music Frequency
Universe Spiritual Vibration Journey


We’re Trinity Life Force, without you we’re nothing
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Shareness Namaste Oneness

All Frequencies From Delta to Nowhere
(Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma)
Through this Universal Vibrational Frequency
your being will experience the maximum results of pure Enlightenment such as a Intuition Awakening which upgrades from your inner-being to your middle path till your outer-awareness such as:

DMT – The Natural Ultra Supernatural Element of all there is
Qi – Your Qi raises
Psychedelics – you experience the same effects as psychedelics without side-effects
Ayahuasca – The Mother Nature Alive through one of the most powerful DMT elements experience and Spiritual Healing
Growth – Raise your Consciousness Awareness so that you experience growth
Visualization – The Power of Visualization in you raises
Mindfulness – So you get to be single minded throughout this session
Sacred – It is a Sacred combination of multiple powerful vibrational frequencies with empowers your inner-strength in all ways
Peace – you feel the light peace of it
Projection – You project yourself into multiple dimensions environment
Shaman – You feel yourself as a Shaman
Ascension – No words for it
Ecstatic – You feel an inner-ecstasy within your true self fused with your physical self
Spiritual – you experience ultimate Spiritual awareness into the Spiritual world
State – You’re the one choosing which state of awareness you wanna be
Travel – Is indeed part of the projection
Balancing – You get to balance your Qi Chi Chakra Energy Vitality
Vibration – You raise your vibration field
Bliss – you experience perfection itself
Third Eye Activation – It’s all part of the Master plan so Third Eye is the main key to achieve the visualization into multidimensional environment
Supernatural Psychic – It’s part of the process to raise your psychic Supernatural Insight power to manage and manipulate Energy
Healing – Universal Healing
Guided Meditation – you experience your true self guiding you through the journey
Lucid – All the results are Lucid
Kundalini – Loves the ultimate universal vibrational frequency awakening which will balance itself and join your awareness as Oneness
Well Being – Oneness experience gives you well being awareness
Infinite – there’s always a door after so miraculous experiences which teleports you to where you choose to be so here is the doorway to all other frequencies

Without YOU we’re NOTHING
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Shareness Namaste Oneness


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