Drknss-Alone Trance music 2017 🙂
Trance FOREVER 🙂

program: fl studio 10

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  1. Like it.
    Love the Chord Structure.
    As an Amateur Producer Myself, I Can Tell You.
    You Definitely Know What Your Doing.
    Your Grand Piano, Cymbals, and Crashes Sounds a Little Sharp and Tight. and I Reckon Your Reverb and Filters need About Another 15% Delay. till They Echo into The Distance.
    Your Trance is Honestly Better Than Mine Right Now. But Come Have Listen To My Latest Tune and You'll See What I Mean By The Reverb, Filters and Echos.
    Other Than That I Really Like Where You Going With This. So I've Already Subscribed Coz I Definitely Want You to Send Me The Mastered Version When Your Finished With It.
    Good Work Mate Keep It Up.