Electronic Cafe: Episode 16 – Alan Wilder – Where is Depeche Mode’s Missing Genius?

Plus Hot Stuff ALBUM REVIEWS – VNV Nation – Baxter Dury – Georgia – Depeche Mode

This Episode:

Alan Wilder – Recoil
Recoil – 1 + 2
Recoil – Hydrology
Recoil – Bloodline
Recoil – Unsound Methods
Recoil – Liquid
Recoil – subHuman
Recoil – Selected
Depeche Mode – Violator
VNV Nation – Noire
Baxter Dury – The Night Chancers
Georgia – Seeking Thrills
Nitzer Ebb
Curve / Tony Halliday
Vaughn George
Martin Gore / Dave Gahan

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We want to share what we are listening and to connect with other likeminded people in the Electronic music and vinyl community.

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Basically we wanted to create a channel that we ourselves would be interested in watching (and share with fellow electronic music and vinyl music community).

We will look at what are some of the best releases we’ve heard this year, focus on an icon or icons, album review and from time-to-time we’ll also give you tracks recommended by the one and only Rusty Egan – an amazing DJ, musician (Visage, Rich Kids, Blitz Club DJ etc) and electronic music pioneer!

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Mark & Andy

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  1. Thanks, guys. Your video brought up a lot of memories… I remember as a teen I was an “Alan girl” and most of my friends were into Dave or Martin… I never realized he had his own devoted (no pun intended) fans until fairly recently! I also remember the day when I heard the DJ read Alan’s statement on the radio, and it felt like the end of an era for me. I’m not one who discards everything DM has done since his departure (I genuinely love Delta Machine), but it’s undeniable that his touch is sorely missed. Also great cameo by Vaughn… I just bought Violator on vinyl (don’t know why I bought it on cassette back on release… practically all my other purchases were vinyl!). Keep up the good work. -Tami

  2. "A strange hour in Budapest" in Bratislava (Slovakia) was one of the best live experiences ever for me, very good sound (Alan checked himself before show), nice people around (no obligation to wave hands, barely a camera phone in sight), just amazing how good experience two "old" guys with notebooks can make. 🙂 And Alan almost on his own capable to produce BluRay with great sound, high-def on USB, while certain money machine produces boring DVDs with mono sound… right? Alan, where are you. 🙂

  3. I never thought of Alan coming back like The Beatles re forming as DM didn't split up but you are right in that if he did produce a new album then the fans would go mental like they had re formed.

  4. What happens to Vaughn George is something very similar that happens to me back in 1990. I was in my kitchen, the tv was on when suddenly DM Enjoy the Silence video clip appeared. As well as him, I was blown away. After that I got Violator and 101.
    Same sequence, I guess it’s because Vaughn and I are the same age!!

  5. Its funny, I have always said Alan left his DNA print on Depeche Mode because since he left I can still hear the sounds of Alan in DMs music.

  6. Hi, Andy, Mark, i have now watched all your episodes up to date, have enjoyed every one, all interesting and very entertaining, well done lads. I was pleased to hear your mention on Mesh i first heard of them on Vaughn's show, and played a couple of their tracks on u tube and ended up buying six of their cd's every one a winner. Many thanks fellas, keep up the good work.

  7. Alan, you snooze, you lose…. Andy does nothing… I take it back… he's clapping is amazing at concerts!!! LOL! But, Too bad you didn't speak up around 1984! Depeche Mode made it without you. But us fans still know you should have stayed and think of you as STILL in the band.

  8. Thanks for your review of AW, I share your wishes for him to return which appears unlikely, unfortunately. Some glimmer of hope in production – that would be brilliant! I've just subscribed (I come from VG's page 😁) and look forward to checking out your other vids and forthcoming. Cheers from Australia 😎🍺😎

  9. I don't think there's anything missing with Alan. He was a member of a band and like all the bands, the teamwork is what counts. Everyone in the team has his own genius and cannot be underestimated. I am not sure if Martin could have done all what Depeche Mode produced by himself, just because of his genius.