A discussion with Emu Emax Expert Simon Forsyth on the Emu Emax, Depeche Mode, Alan Wilder as well as demonstrations of original Depeche Mode sounds, samples and more!!
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  1. I'm not proud to say but the only thing I could afford at that time was a Creative sound card, which was shit..:) the amount of noise was higher than music coming out. But hey that brought me into music and sampling. Thank you for bringing this friendly beast back, I always dreamt to have one. Thank you guys!

  2. Love these geeky videos. Although not at all a musician, this reminds me in gaming space, how fans debate till the end of times, how sega mega drives consoles used the yamaha YM2612 and later YM3438 and both their pronounced and nuanced differences. Love the energy in this video! Amazing series, thank you!

  3. What is this channel??? Geek talk??? And what about KEYBOARD & PIANO ARTIST?? Vaughn is not even slapping his own hand anymore. What happened !!!! 🤪

  4. Emax was not just a Californian company, it was also founded in Santa Cruz by friends students. Santa Cruz is pretty much a capitol for surfing and weed 😀

  5. It would be great to show how emax handle sound. An example of how a sample can change. And where can I get those DM samples?
    Great video!

  6. Dear Vaughn, good show again and I certainly love your 'devotional tour' around the ultra high standard band Depeche Mode. You will end up and that might just (wouldn't that be something!) be your goal, having had all the DM-boys in separate vids, interviewed by you (which you are very good at, btw) and where they, each of them, played some examples on the EMAX and in the end, all of them together! Idea??? ><>.__.<><

  7. I remember Alan putting in the wrong floppy disk and he burst out laughing as the sound was not only different but in the wrong key as well. I think it was Master & Servant on the SGR tour but I could be wrong on that lol.

  8. Imagine being so petty that instead of sourcing these samples from Alan or Steve Lyon they would literally serve paying concertgoers with piss poor synthesized versions on several tours.

  9. Great video Vaughn (and Simon). We used one of these in the late 90's for a small project and it is a beast!. It was one of the 2 samplers we used. The other was an EPS 16+ which I still have sitting here right next to me.

  10. Awesome episode Vaughn. I love to the gear geek talk. I’m looking forward to the video comparing the same DM samples through software samplers and the E-MU.