Here’s my music video for my latest music creation Engineer Techno.

My main inspiration is DJ Hero background movies.

Behind the scenes on my blog:
Part 1 – The Logo: (you can also get the logo for download here as normal picture or spray)

Part 2 – The Music

Part 3 – The video

I’ve not recorded anything more laggy then those combines. 3 FPS! …and it all ended with a big Gmod crash -.-
And don’t complain that i reused a lot of clips, if you’ve gone though all the problems i had with this you would too.

Also i tried so hard to actually have the vinyl spinning with Engys hand but i all failed because of the vinyl model (Which in fact is a reskinned and resized CD Model).

Anyway, enjoy this Garry’s Mod music video! 🙂


Download link:
Album: DJ Engineer


  1. Story-a janitor cleaning a building after a party notices the dj box is still on, he starts to make some noise and the party is back
    The end


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