Eraserhead Rap (Aizawa) | “Don’t Blink” | Daddyphatsnaps [My Hero Academia]
I have gotten this requested more times then I can count but now it is time for the Eraserhead Rap! I wanted to make sure I did this before the next season of my hero academia as I hear he has some more development!

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► Raps//Production: Daddyphatsnaps
►Editing: Alket

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Aizawa is Class 1-A’s homeroom teacher. He seems apathetic at first glance, but looks out for his students and pushes them to improve. He is also the pro hero Eraser Head. His Quirk, “Erasure”, allows him to nullify others’ control over their Quirks just by looking at them. Blinking dispels the effect of his Quirk and using it gives him very dry eyes.

Aizawa is a very strict and reserved person, with high expectations of his students. He acts mainly by logic and does not believe in the need to always appear clean on oneself, or to filter his words and ideas. He often looks cold, listless and impatient, putting very little energy into what he does, preferring to take naps in his sleeping bag.

A strict teacher, Aizawa is known to fire students he thinks don’t fit in U.A. It is however revealed that his high dismissal rate is only on paper, he has a habit of bringing back fired students. Shoto only does this to push them up. He can also be rigid and has little tolerance for disobedient behavior. He’s not afraid to push his high school students through rigorous training and make them overcome their limits.

Shoto has proven that he can be very talkative and is not shy about expressing his ideas. He is known to lie to his students, manipulating them into giving their best, a technique he describes as “a logical ruse” “a rational deception”.

Despite his apathetic features, Aizawa cares about his students and doesn’t hesitate to give anything to protect them, such as when he saved Tsuyu Asui when he was already badly injured. He also showed that he believed in his high school students, and was even confident that Katsuki Bakugo would not go over to the Villains. Recovery Girl also insinuated that during a test, he let himself be captured by Momo Yaoyorozu in order to boost his self-confidence.

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  1. I like to listen to things on loop, I have been doing that with this, my roommate could hear it from my headphones and it was catchy so she asked me for the name of it even though she isn't an MHA fan, she doesn't watch much anime

  2. Ya know you started out on YouTube playing titanfall 2 telling us about the weapons and stuff and everything and now look at you.
    Making bars for days incredible transformation 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥