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“”Always” is a synthpop ballad by British group Erasure. It was released in 1994 as the first single from their sixth studio album I Say I Say I Say. Mute Records issued the single in the United Kingdom, and Elektra Records released it in the United States. “Always” was written by Erasure members Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, and produced by Martyn Ware.

The song became Erasure’s thirteenth top-ten single on the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number four. In the United States, the single became Erasure’s third top-twenty hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 20—six years after their last major US pop hit. On the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, the single climbed to number six. In Europe “Always” reached number two in Austria and Sweden, number three in Finland and number five in Germany…
The music video features Bell in a Chinese scroll painting-inspired backdrop; it was directed by the Dutch-French filmmaker Jan Kounen. It premiered in 1994 with the song, and has been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube.

The video has a marked B-Film feeling, with many noticeable blunders:[1]

Bell’s costume has no relation to the oriental theme, the golden skullcap he’s wearing bears more resemblance to a rugby scrum cap than anything else.
During Bell’s backflips, reflections can be seen from the cables supporting him.
During the backflip scenes, the actress is holding a modern-day plastic watering can, complete with white plastic cap.
The last backflip is incorrectly sequenced. The character lands in a standing position, and in the next scene rises from a lying position.
In the monster scenes, human hands are clearly visible under the claws.
In the final scenes, a photo of Vince Clarke can be seen mounted on a wooden cross. The photo has comically large eyebrows.”

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  1. Nice to see some new music reactions, didn't know any of these songs! Maybe you should pause the music videos a few times (because of copyright), that's what some other reactors do?

  2. Thanks Cousin Ryan much respect as always, yes work life does have a way of taking over so kudos for finding time to do this hobby.Glad you liked the recommendation it's from 1992

  3. Nice reaction. Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, etc) who was the guy who played all the music hated being in videos, so they just had his face on a grave marker for some reason.

  4. The keyboard player Vince Clark was in a group called Yazoo before he was in Erasure. They where quite similar in style but in my opinion Yazoo were by far the better of the two and would highly recommend you check them out

  5. Vince Clarke is a genius and I love Erasure. They don't make great albums I can listen to straight through anymore, but there's usually at least one track to love.

    Vince has a habit of pairing synth with a soulful voice, as evident with Yazoo and Alison Moyet.

    Wonderland (1986):

    Who Needs Love Like That? (this released as a single in 1985)
    Heavenly Action
    Oh L'amour (it's a GOOD cover lol)
    March On Down The Line
    Say What
    My Heart, So Blue

    The Circus/The Two Ring Circus (1987)

    It Doesn't Have To Be
    The Circus
    Don't Dance
    If I Could
    Leave Me To Bleed
    Don't Dance

    The Innocents (1988)

    Witch In The Ditch
    Phantom Bride
    Hallowed Ground
    Ship Of Fools
    Heart Of Stone
    When I Needed You
    Sixty-Five Thousand
    Chains Of Love
    A Little Respect

    Crackers International E.P (1988):

    The Hardest Part
    She Won't Be Home
    Knocking On Your Door

    Wild! (1989):

    Piano Song
    Blue Savannah
    How Many Times?
    You Surround Me (the Syrinx Mix is beautiful)
    En La Gloria
    2000 Miles
    Brother And Sister
    Crown Of Thorns

    Chorus (1991):

    Siren Song
    Waiting For The Day
    Love To Hate You
    Breath Of Life
    Turns The Love To Anger
    Perfect Stranger
    Am I Right?

    I think I'll leave it there as the list is getting extremely long and that's their best years anyway. They had another couple of good albums in 'I Say, I Say, I Say' and the self titled album 'Erasure' though, and the odd track from later albums like 'Breathe' from the album 'Nightbird' (2005).

    They're a big part of my childhood, I was brought up on this stuff lol (born in 1984).

  6. Vince started in Depeche Mode then Yazoo he then started The Assembly and one song with Feargal Sharkey – who was lead singer of the Undertones and produces some sublime songs – but Never Never is a stunning song – Erasure's new Album Neon is out a few weeks November 2020