This is the Erasure live performance and interview from 1995. It includes an acoustic “Stay With Me” and “Always” as well as a neat interview. I show up about four times in this broadcast as my friends and I waited in the rain all day for them. I look like a dork, but hey, good memories. 🙂

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  1. This woman has a HORRIBLE interview style, and her condescending tone really made Vince Clarke uncomfortable, and even slighted/insulted.  This video is a HOW-NOT-TO conduct an interview.


  2. i live to be able to deliver a song just like what i heard , Andy bell , one of the top male vocalists uk ever will have , bless erasure

  3. Such a good team. One is an introvert and makes the music, th other the mouthpiece and singer extravert they compliment each other and even speak to one another via instrument (Clarke) and voice

  4. Maravillosos seres…Andy y Vince…cuando cantab le dan sentido a ésta existencia, con su arte, su voz, su interpretación de lo que sentimos acerca de estar vivos aquí y ahora <3 GRACIAS, Erasure, GRACIAS SIEMPRE..! Los amo, su #FAN de Argentina <3