This is my interpretation of “Blues Away”…
In my opinion…one of the best song ever…
“Blues Away”
I Say, I Say, I Say (1994)

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  1. This is the highest point in Vince Clarke's compositions, he reached what other electronic musicians are still looking for. Truly epic.

  2. Can you see this predilection

    Rushing through my head

    Was a morning full of circumstance

    I was seeing red

    Put my blues away

    Navigation gone astray

    Went any way I could

    Haven't got the time of day

    Cannot see why I should

    Put my blues away

    I can hope

    I can pray

    Until you

    Find me


    Always had my reservations

    Who am I to blame

    Walked into the ring of fire

    Heart in a wall of flames

    Put my blues away

    My emotion running riot

    Through the neighbourhood

    Screaming in the dead of night

    I wish to be understood

    Put my blues away

    Hey little darling

    Tell me where you are 'cause

    I ain't got 20 20 vision

    And I know you're here somewhere

    And it's nearly bedtime

    And I'm getting lonely