Erasure – Wild! (1989)

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  1. wow i remember the exitment of another erasure album being released, went to see them twice, what a show they put on. ive yet to hear one of their tracks i dont like.
    thanks for uploading all this erasre stuff, ive lost all my cds over the years….

  2. this song is perfect for scorpios like me, were extremely dramatic and love it. i dress like a super hero every day now with my H4 belt and jacket, now i just need light up shoes they are hard to find cause they dont make them in my size but im still looking wow! yay! drama! car accident yesterday car spun around im so used to it love the excitement

  3. A 30 Second capacity of mind, too demanding!

    The lyrics are loaded with dry wit and sarcasm. It is great…especially to deliver to those self adsorbed into a Pity Party.

    Somewhat cruel…but…sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.