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  1. adoro erasure y soy de Peru y lamento las desafortunadas palabras tanto de redma26 como de erasuretk

  2. The taller back up is usually spot on and was a constant during the circus tour.I think the little one is throwing him off.Or they were both just having an off night.l.o.l.It doesn't have to be (live) is a good example and victim of love.

  3. This is not Erasure in Alabama as in the US state. Erasure never did live shows in the US until 88-90.This is a German show from around 86-87.

  4. No more dance, no more 90's, but I like it so much and althrough this music in the Andy Bell's voice make mention for the gay public, everybody enjoy it and dance, no more with this history of music for the gay people , for the straight people, or the bi people, when this music play on the dance floor, everybody have fun. Here in Brazil, Erasure in the late 80's and the early 90's was practically required in all clubs at that time and everybody enjoy so much, don't mattered if the singer was gay or not, we wanted to have fun and dance, without any prejudice. Greetings from Brazil.