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  1. when i was in college my buddies kept talking about whether andy sings "learn to be 'gay'" when he says "learn to be brave". i kept thinking the whole time: DUH! the whole song is about being gay. ha.

  2. i know ,your right , they are a socialist band all for the people and equality , fantastic band , im not gay and i think they are great :o)

  3. youre right. but this song is about losing your family, losing everything. reclaiming love and sex after having had it wrenched from you and shoved back down your throat as shame and loathing instead of having love and sex handed to us on a silver platter like the rest of you. and we still manage to laugh about it.

  4. I love erasure and have for 20 yrs now since I was a teenager. This song helped me come out to my friends and family and it was the best choice I ever made. This song is what gave me the strength to come out. I love their concerts and actually just attended my third one 3 nights ago at h.o.b in dallas. Great show but this is the first time they didn't play this song. Andy Bell is a singing god.

  5. Hey Chris Mcdow. Now it is so easy to share ideas but I so understand ur message I was 17 when I bought this cd the 2 ring circus and I hated myself I wanted to finish my life I wanted to kill myself all my friends and family they were getting married with girls but I could not find myself doing that but this Humans, Erasure, made this song and it gave me the strenght to stand up and my friends and family understood me. Hideaway save my life it is true, it is a little story but is my story

  6. Thanks God ! Cant wait till May to see you here in Chile boys! My ticket is in my hands since the very first day they sell them! As usual, I'll go to the airport to wait for you!