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  1. This song is beautiful, especially the lyrical aspect.  I can deal with the playskool keyboard.  This remix is a ton of fun too though, I love the percussion.  Especially at 3:20

  2. I'll never forget when I was a dj and I played this one night for a guy who had recently arrived in San Francisco from Boise, Idaho.  How happy it made him. 

  3. some people are so dum. you can think of your girl too. just because you like erasure ,doesn't mean your gay. im as straight as it gets.

  4. i was backstage on one of their first kigs love erasure love depeche love yazoo and what links them all is a god sir vince ahead of time the tiesto of the eighties

  5. Erasure made me realise it was wrong to beat up gays, that they were people just like us. Although I'm completely straight myself I fell in love with their music. I own all their albums and attended many concerts over the years, and made many friends in the gay community. They have enriched my life so much and I've since volunteered to assist in gay rights protests and help organise gay pride marches. I do still like to beat up tramps though.