Recently rediscovered deep in the Erasure vaults this 1994 Ian Levine remix of I Love Saturday is one of six previously unreleased tracks which is featured on the forthcoming expanded 2-CD edition of Erasure’s album ‘I Say I Say I Say’ which will be released on November 5th 2021.

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  1. It sounds very good although I particularly would have liked to hear a more futuristic version with those alien sounds very characteristic of Erasure back in 1994 and that no one else could do.

  2. I was living in Madison, Wisconsin and newly out of the closet when I Say (x3) came out. I had so much fun dancing to the various versions of its singles in clubs back then. All of the singles from this album were staples in the gay discos and bars in the US. You simply couldn't go out to a queer bar in the 90s without hearing Erasure (unless it was a lesbian bar of course). It brings back incredible memories of 10% Dances (that was the LGBT group at UW-Madison). I love Saturday is one of my favorite Erasure songs for the pure joy it brings to me when I hear it. I actually like this remix. It makes me want to dance and I can still get enough of the original that I'm not super annoyed. Some remixes should just be called new songs.

  3. You either love em or hate em? I'm a 80s child so I love the 12inch mixes back in the day so another rework has to be good in my eyes.
    Oh I hope you all weren't thinking Erasure you love them or hate them.