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  1. His vocals can get high at times but that would make him one weird sounding chick if he was one.He still sounds like a man to me.=)Listen to the song 'How Many Times" that's his voice on the opposite spectrum.

  2. Andy Bell does have a certain Alison Moyet-esqueness to a lot of his vocals, so I can appreciate the gender confusion in some songs. I think Andy registers higher than most men and Alison registers lower than most women – they seem to overlap somewhere in the middle. Vince Clark obviously likes that kind of vocal quality given his previous collaboration, Yazoo.

  3. I love this song and finding the video is cool – wonderful shots of Andy and looks like he's on vacation in a place like Greece. Great mood and vibe!

  4. possibly the best artists ever in any genre have to hand it to them they where on top all the time. and have some amazing tracks in the catalog