We discuss how technology has changed Erasure’s live sound.
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  1. I also love erasure. But there is really one terrible erasure song! Deutsche Schlagermusik is very close to „blue savannah“. I always get this Deutscher Schlager feeling when I listen to this schmaltzy song. If you do not know Deutscher Schlager – just google it! One Deutsche Schlager Band is called Die Flippers! And „run to the sun“ is also a very awful song.

  2. Vince is a pioneer you can here his sounds in todays music ( the weekends blinding lights for example)
    Erasures music is like a musical for the ears? I liked how vince has crossed his electronic music with live orchestra's Two Ring Circus…
    If you want a Fat kick drum Erasures under the wave is a good example.
    My favorite concert is the ROAD TO MEMPHIS

  3. Tbh Erasure is way too poppy and "bubblegum" to me but this was a very interesting video nevertheless (y)

  4. Yes I completely get you. I love them. The live sound seems to be hurried from the last few lives as opposed to innocents, wild or tank. Is less organic from where they were before which I really missed. An example will b like perfect strangers at the tanks concert, even with a simple casio keyboard vince & andy was able to bring out the magical purist wand of erasure sound. Is like their signature from chorus or isisis sound or even erasure lp. Idk if got to do with the way they wanna make the songs safe for andy not to make mistakes during the concert.
    It was that effortless magic of both of them i missed. If u watched the earlier days concerts u will completely get it. The lp sounds vs live were always surprising each time. Is like woahhhhhh live was even better but somehow not in last few concerts. V hurried. I wish the coming one will not b. Fingers crossed coming Thursday launch of their new single worldwide. 😅

  5. Yikes! I didn't know about this one until I was watching the Martin Gore video! I had to pause, and hop over here for a sec… torture? perhaps 🤣 but, Vaughn, keep the videos coming!

  6. He's had to program that software with all his different instruments which probably took a hell of a long time. The analogue kit is worth a bloody fortune these days and it's took him years to build up his collection. I wouldn't want to risk damaging that out on the road. I've played around with Arturia software and it's uncanny how much like the old analogue kit it sounds. I remember Howard Jones saying how hard he found it going back to the old early synth's having to talk between song's when he altered the settings on his keyboards. No patches or memories to switch between there!!!!

  7. I totally agree with you!
    To me it's a pity that Vince does these "Karaoke"-shows (SORRY!), I miss the times until 2003 when he used to program the show completely new for each tour. 
    There always was something different/interesting and it made lots of fun to hear the live recordings.
    But now (as I said) it's a kind of Andy singing to a backing track which sounds like updated versions of the old songs, the new ones are very similar to the studio record.

  8. In the past Vince always used live synths in concerts. During the cowboy tour, he had a giant tower of analog synths that he would climb around. Because it's analog, you can't save the settings, so Vince would just have to reprogram everything from scratch. He would often just reinterpret the arrangements and generate new sounds. Each tour was like a new remix album. Now, that he uses soft synths on stage, I often wonder if he's just using samples from a bank.

  9. For me the best Erasure sound live was that early Hamburg show where they played only Wonderland and The Circus songs. Andy was excited and Vince programming was so close to the studio

  10. I don't want to mention Depeche Mode but they really struggle to make the live gigs sound really close to the studio album. Vince looks not worried about it :p

  11. Sjoe – this is a topic, – i have the erasure concert, the tank, the swan on a VHS tape. my DM – 101 is also on a VHS Tape. (off topic) then jou talk about SNAP, i remember CULTURE BEAT – Mr. Vain. But than i hear the recall remix. my sony 2000 DJ system can come close – what happening in this recall remix. THAT SOUND IS EUROPISH. artists like Marsha Raven, Mike Mareen, Bronski beat / communards, Irene Cortes, Divine, Largo, Ken Laszlo, Lime, Man2man / Paul Parish. I can remember i have a CD – A Dance complilation with ERASURE – Don't say your love is killing me – Ext dance remix. CHORUS with Sugartax of OMD. THAT 2 CD's was a dance extrevaganza.

  12. here's some trivia. I was chatting to his keyboard tech – and I asked him – what keyboards are there to tech? (ie just controller). He laughed. I continued to ask him about the live set up and if Vince had redundancy anywhere. And no, Vince just has the one lap top running the whole show. Vince doesn't have a back up running in sync. Vince feels it's 'more live' this way, that there is the risk of everything going wrong.

  13. Chorus is my fav. Absolutely. Their live shows has been the same. Sometimes just two of them, sometimes there's three cute backup singers. No drummers man. Keep it elecrronic. Omg you have that Erasure soul in you. I'm a muso and I heard a sound I ur vox

  14. Admire your complaisance any time you express slightly saddening (for anyone) opinion 😂
    I would love to hear some of your thoughts on the impact Erasure had on pop music. What bands or maybe whole subgenres were influenced by the duo?..

  15. I have noticed that the early Erasure live recordings up to and including The Tank tended to sound very different from the album versions. Example being Who Needs Love Like That? from Two Ring Circus. It’s the same song but the sounds used are different. Admittedly, I don’t know as much about the late 90s/early 00s sound but I did see them in 2011 and a lot of the songs (Chorus, for example) sounded very similar to the album. Like they used the exact same sounds.

    Then the Violet Flame tour seemed to have remixed versions of everything and IMO that sounded great. That was the origin of that Oh L’Amour version that was slightly shortened for the World Be Gone tour. I loved the alt versions they did on the VF tour because it felt like they mixed the tracks to be more like the style of VF. It was cool that they tried to have that consistency across old and new songs. To use a more obscure reference, it was kind of like how The Knife remixed their tracks to sound like Silent Shout on that tour’s live album.

  16. would agree on the 'pedestrian' backtrack sounds of late. I saw them live in Wild….great show and sound. My opinion: the final albums which had that old pure Vince sound were Loveboat and Cowboy. My favorite is a toss up of The Circus and Innocents

  17. Hated the whole WBG project, the album was crap and the live songs I think Vince maybe reprogrammed about 5/6 from scratch the rest were either versions used from previous tours or the album versions, very lazy, thankfully the new album the Neon is sounding great, Erasure back to their best 👍