‘Make It Wonderful’ was the second single to be taken from Erasure’s 2013 album ‘Snow Globe’

The ‘Snow Globe’ album is still available and can be purchased using the links below.

‘Snow Globe’ features original Erasure songs alongside classic seasonal favourites including Silent Night, Bells of Love (Isabelle’s of Love), White Christmas and Silver Bells.

Make it wonderful this Christmas!

Snow Globe is available now:




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  1. ERASURE é a perfeição da música eletrônica, ERASURE é a melhor banda de música eletrônica do planeta, ANSIOSO para saber qual será o disco e onde será a comemoração dos 35 anos de história e sucesso do ERASURE, eu Luciano fã do ERASURE a mais de 33 anos.

  2. A month of hearing this at work only ONCE a day on the store's holiday playlist. Haven't been able to shazam it because it only ever played when I had my hands full with customers and obviously couldn't have my phone out while on my shift. Finally memorized enough lyrics to search it up today and came across this video (nearly impossible song to find even with most of the lyrics!). I was so shocked because I love Erasure but was almost certain it was by Duran Duran! This has to be my favorite holiday song, without a doubt.