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  1. nice song, great singer, he makes of this song something special, I like so much listen and listen the lyric, and the video is rare but nice at the same time

  2. Duran Duran cover is simply miles better. This is just Erasure. Its disappointing at best, but not memorable. I love Erasure, but this is worse than the Abba cover shit.

  3. CΓ³mo Vince que es un genio de la mΓΊsica digital puede hacer videos tan bizarros como este y varios mΓ‘s de Erasure. Los amo, pero muchos videos sin presupuestos no deberΓ­an ni hacerlos. πŸ˜‰

  4. Massive early erasure fan. Fist time I've heard or seen this.. sweet fanny Adams – this is madness. But put a smile on my face. I think VC had some fun when putting the music together, and it's looks like they had fun making the video as well…