Espacio Riesco 13 de Agosto

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  1. Erasure extraordinario artista de nivel mundial, el tecladista otro gigante de la mΓΊsica a tocado y a comopuesto temas para, Depeche mode, Erasure, Yazoo Petshop boys , etc. Aplausos

  2. Andys voice is awesome, Vince is a musical prodegy but with Andys spicy voice and soul, theyre a genius band! Im so grateful to be alive and was teen when this song and all there fabulous song were playing…damn im old.

    thanks for this upload, I wanted to see them in Copehagen in 19, but I was too sick. I hope they cone again. But I love how the Chile people are in the concert, pure loving energy! Viva las Chile (sry can only japanese and danish) thanks!!!