Erasure Radio 2 Live At Home September 2020
A hit packed set from the electronic icons, performed over both sides of the Atlantic.

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  1. i still love erasures music.. such amazing singers and even now after all these years.. they are still great. i really wish erasure would make new songs because they are still great

  2. Como siempre Andy Bell cantando de esa forma maravillosa como lo hace…las melodias de Erasure son hermosas gracias al gran Vincent Clark…espero que siempre sigan brindandonos maravillosas canciones!

  3. Great! Fantastic! This is full of loving feelings. What a great garden, Andy!!! I'm so grateful you guys made this treasure of joy and good vibes available to all of us in this moment of need. I love you immensely.

  4. My Lord! These two fellows still have it! Such a joyful delight to see this performance. Gave me "Nerves of Steel "! Love you Erasure ๐Ÿ’˜
    Don't ever leave us. Thank you for the posting. Everyone sounded glorious!!