“Rain”- One of my favourite Erasure songs. I hope you like it;) ________________ “Rain” Erasure Cowboy (1997)

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  1. i' am straight and l love this band, just like there's straight people that like pantera a metal band and queen a rock band, they both had gay members and nobody said anything about not being gay by listen to them

  2. I'm straight and my all time favorite bands are Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and Bronski Beat. Never knew any of them were gay at the time……found out years later.

  3. Why is everyone's response has to do with one's sexual orientation. No one needs to clairfy if their gay or straight, just listen to the music……

  4. I would suggest that it is because there is a strong homosexual bent to this video that undermines the original intention of the music – Particularly having viewed the original erasure video release of this wonderful song.