Erasure Rock Me Gently Velvet Vox Mix & Instrumental by Mark Robotham
Written by Vince Clarke & Andy Bell [Erasure]
Official Website:

Rock Me Gently Video Source: Hits! The Videos DVD

Projector Film Source:

Countdown Film Source:

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  1. Still waiting for an erasure mix and instrumental you've done that I didn't like. Still waiting and may it remain this way. Awesome sir

  2. Yet again one of my favorite track pleased with your great work, Mark!
    Have to ask.. Do you "extract" the vocals yourself or do you have a direct line to an original acapella library? 🙂

  3. Been a big Erasure fan since I was in middle school (I'm 31 now) and just discovered your channel yesterday, BEAUTIFUL work on these instrumentals and remixes. 😁 ❤️

  4. Гениально! Памятники из золота поставить всем, кто создавал и этот удивительный видеоклип, и прекрасную музыку, и текст; и солисту, который так печально и проникновенно спел в этой театрализованной вещи.