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  1. Is a truly pleasure to see Andy as he is, a man without the ridiculus make up that he usually wears, GOD created a man not a clown who believes is a woman, C'mon Andy I think you are a really really smart, pray to the Lord Jesus because only Him can to break the evil chains

  2. Why Erasure sounded always so good. Cause Andy's voice obviously but Vince analog synths. They are warm and full. Incredible and they are english. That's it

  3. El ex novio de Andy lo deja para casarse con una mujer y cambiar de orientación sexual 😲😲😲 terrible video esto va a sonar en mi mente horas, días, años…décadas
    Pd yo si me caso con vos Andy 💗

  4. Considering the conceptual nature of the very EP and the two exquisite videos being "Take a Chance On Me" and "Lay All Your Love On Me", it is too bad this video (and to an extent also the one for "Voulez-Vous") is so formal by comparison. Superb ABBA covers regardless… Erasure remain the perfect ABBA.

  5. Erasure S.O.S. Official Video Me Encanta La Música Synthpop Lo Mejor De Todos Los Universos Lo Mejor De Los Planetas Existentes

  6. When Erasure performed in Brazil, I think it was 1989/90, me and a friend went to the airport to try to talk to them before they went to back to UK. We met them, and we talk to Andy. He was super nice (he was wearing Madonna’s Like a Prayer t shirt) and we talked how much we love Madonna.