On-screen lyrics for “Save Me Darling” made by me. Sorry about the aspect ratio.
From Erasure’s album “Cowboy” (Mute Records, 1997). Written & performed by Vincent Clarke & Andrew Bell. Background image taken from album cover.
Visit the official Erasure website at: http://www.erasureinfo.com

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  1. ¿Del 2009? que pasó, la invasión del reggeaton a las radios y disquerías dejó escondida a esta hermosa música pero ya me estoy poniendo al día.

  2. There were so many great tracks from "Cowboy". To me it was the last of the truly classic Erasure sounding albums. "Loveboat" started the beginning of the end..

  3. Anybody still feeling this? Ahh that emotional chorus line, just can't get it out of head…

    "We were young, were so full of teen emotion then…
    We couldn't have made the slightest blindest bit of difference
    Altogether now lets hear you pray,
    Make it better now and savor the day
    I'm all over save me darling! …." 🙂

  4. Quite possibly Erasure's best song.. tight emotional lyrics..and you try getting that chorus outta your head..??!!!!!! hmmm.. can't..?!