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  1. Love these guys since I first heard them a few years back. Just found out they are gay and that just sweetened the pot that much more! <3

  2. Goodness… I watched that life… seems a lifetime ago. Loved it. They still make great music! Check out their latest album VIOLET FLAME! 

    Wish people would notice them more… (instead of all this instant crap in the charts)

  3. Oh Erasure!! How you've helped me enjoy LIFE being a US Marine stationed in 29 Palms and Camp Pendleton (both in California). Thanks a bunch luv!

  4. Saw this tour at the manchester apollo in the early 90s. This was the opening track, just awesome. A straight guy who loves Erasure, think I was the only straight bloke in their that night. Great atmosphere, bingo at halftime lol

  5. как же я люблю эту песню. раз лет в 5 – 10 вспоминаю про неё захожу сюда