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  1. ho missymig: keep your dreams to yourselve…If you like this, it's all right with me. I hope you'll meet a real man. when you grow up.
    now let's return to the vid. 3 stars, and that's as far as I'll go. Gabriel stands.

  2. Awesome! Don't make me laugh! They're so amateur they can't even play in 7/4, they have to make it 4/4, which EVERYBODY does.

    Andy Bell's vocal has all the passion of raincoat! Awesome! You need to get out more.

  3. Gabriel's original is just that, an Original! But you must admit that this is one AMAZING cover! Erasure can do no wrong!

  4. patto is right. pg's version IS better. BUT….. consider 2 things.
    1. erasures version is excellent.
    2. could pg or anyone do an erasure song better than erasure?????????

  5. No. The original version is soooo weak! Truly an example were the composer hasn't truly utilized the potential of his own song. Another classic of example of that btw is Leonard Cohen with Hallelujah.

    The Erasure version is far more powerful. Simply superior to the original.

  6. The only problem I have with the original, which leads me to enjoy this version a bit more, is that it's an amazing song but Peter kind of rambles on with it. He doesn't pause in certain parts that I think would really cause us to focus on the great melody. This version does just that.