Join Erasure’s Vince Clarke and Andy Bell as they catch-up for a Facebook Live chat about not very much at all…

Erasure have just announced the release of the third single from their current album ‘The Neon’. ‘Fallen Angel’ will be available on 12″ vinyl, as part of a 3-CD ‘The Neon Singles’ boxset, and via download and streaming:

Erasure will be on tour in 2021.

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  1. I love you guys…thanks for being in my life with your fantastic tunes.Andy looks great with a beard.The down to earth chats are a real snippet into lives that we can relate too.Best thing about covid is the effort from you guys,really does help.Nice to see such honesty with these chats.Please take care.Everyday is so precious.

  2. Excellent to see this. HOWEVER, I'm a PhD scholar in music, looking also to interview both about lots of serious music topics, inc. the new album The Neon, for my thesis, and for academic publications in the coming year. I've emailed the official website, and hope to hear back!

  3. Fly Away is a great track. Other ones I think are great are….Sunday Girl, Goodnight and circus…

  4. Oh L'amour was a huge song in general, But not in the UK which is what you must be talking about but it wasn't even big/moderate as it got to number 85 in UK was a flop!
    As it was a top 20 hit in-Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa + Ireland. And was a top 30 hit in New Zealand!
    I really do hope Vince comes back and lives in the UK and some point in the future!

  5. Thanks so much for this! What video to β€˜Fly Away’ is Andy talking about that is part cartoon and Japanese like? Is it the one on YouTube that begins with a flower losing its petals?

  6. I've followed the Prince & the Wizard since day 1. From cassettes & Vinyl to digital download. From the beautiful Dalby Forest to The Apollo. I could sit & listen to these guys until the cows come home. Erasure are Lifetime inspirations, so grateful to have shared this journey…. Take me back!!

  7. I love these staying in calls, this along with the songs from the garden have been the highlights to this very depressing time we are getting through. Please keep doing them!