Erasure is my favorite group of all time. I love the new album “Light at the End of the World”. And “Storm in a Teacup” is one of my favorite songs by them (amazing song). I wanted to make a video for them and this was the result. It took me about 2 hours to make, so I hope you all like. This is for Vince, Andy and the amazing Erasure fans (the best fans in the world)…

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  1. Hi Ann, you have done a great job here, better than most multi thousand pounds videos! Storm is also my favourite song on the last Erasure album! And I'm sure it will remain one of my all time favourites after the next album is out! Loads of love. Julieta xxx

  2. I agree, best song from LATEOTW and one of Erasure's very best…period. Such heartfelt lyrics, beautiful melody, and of course Andy's gorgeous voice.:)

  3. loved the Andy Bell / Vince Clarke /Erasure DVD/songs especially the live shows amazing cos I'd not heard or seen some of the tracks brilliant thanks mate luv Mikey x

  4. One of my fave Erasure songs, too! My 23-year old daughter loves them, too, and the song. All these fans can’t be wrong! ❤️ Is the footage from Vince’s place in Maine??