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  1. In Argentina this song was a hit after Star, Crown of thorns and Brother & Sister, Supernature reached number 1 on September 1990 in one of the most popular radios in Buenos Aires FM Z95 (it doesn't exist anymore). I wish I could listen more Erasure on the radio.

  2. In 1988 when I first heard of Erasure I was 15ys and lived in a very small Western Penn. town. It was kinda like living in the Alabama of today but with a lot stranger accent. I becane a huge fan after hearing ALR . Would watch MTV all day long just to see the video. On one of those MTV news flashes they once had the VJ was talking about Andys hommosexuality. This gave me the courage to tell my mum that I was gay. So thank you Andy for helping making my comming out poss. Your a hero to me!!!

  3. I have seen erasure in Toronto (Nightbird),NYC(Other plp) and in Cleveland(Nightbird). Toronto was my least favorite nobody wanted to get up and dance I didnt give a shit I was up and screaming as soon as they hit the stage.NYC was great lots of audience participation. Cleveland was the best Erasure show of them all I was front row had the time of my life. After the show had people from the back comming up to tell us that it looked like we were having the time of our lives. and we were