(Cerrone / Wisnical / Lovic)

Once upon a time,
Science opened up the door.
We would feed the hungry fields,
’til they couldn’t eat no more.
But the potions that we made,
Touched the creatures down below.
And they grow up in a way
That we’d never seen before.

Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature

They were angry with the man,
’cause she changed their way of life.
And they take their sweet revenge,
As they trample through the night.
For hundred miles or more,
You could hear the people cry.
But there is nothing you can do,
Even God is on their side. (God is on, God is on, God is on their side)

Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature

Gods will break the ice, and throw it in the air
The creatures will decide who goes where
How can I explain?
Things are different today,
Darkness all around, no one makes a sound.
Such a sad affair, no one seems to care.

Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature

Better watch out, there’s no way to stop it now!
You can’t escape, it’s too late!
Look what you’ve done,
There’s no place that you can run
The monsters made, we must pay
Maybe nature has a plan,
To control the ways of man.
He must start from scratch again,
Many battles must he win.
‘Til he earns his place on earth,
Like the other creatures do.
Will there be a happy end?
Now that all depends on you!

Supernature, zupernature
Supernature, zupernature
Supernature, zupernature
Supernature, zupernature

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  1. WHY WHY WHY isn't this available on ITUNES!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?  i have ALWAYS loved this piece of music!!!!!  This and Erasure's "Run Around on the Underground"

  2. From what I remember, this was quite a limited edition 12inch. I bought it from HMV – when I was a lad! Not sure it was released as a single, hence, you might find it difficult to purchase.

  3. Besides this being a funky phat jam, Erasure predicted what is happening to our planet, in "Supernature" and "Chorus." Midnight Oil would be proud.

  4. Love love this version of Cerrone's classic… Orbit did his magic again. I never have been dis-satisfied with a William Orbit remix since first heard his "Justify My Love" remix. Wish he got commissioned for more remixes.