Tribute to Superheroes.

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  1. Erasure's best 3 tracks: Drama! [Krucial Mix]; Hideaway [Little Louie Vega Mix]; Supernature [William Orbit Mix] – let's get the fucking title right.

  2. Totally Amazing … i remember getting hold of this back in 1989 .. and i remember thinking .. "how can they do this ?"… was totes blown away by this then and it still sounds good now .. 🙂 love it peeps x x

  3. I hate superheroes. They doesn't exist and will never exist ! But I love Erasure (of course, an ex-Depeche Mode) and this excellent remix of the great Cerrone ! Thanks a lot.

  4. Back in the day i used to strap my 'tape deck' to the running boards of my Yamaha Passola and tear around town with this blasting out. 28 years later blasting out of my Ford Ka. Music like this will never get old.

  5. Which side am i on? Neither side. Not fighting. We should be able to coexist peacefully. And the original video was more about X-Men than Marvel's Civil War story arch. And there was no DC stuff in the original version of this song and youtube video. i've seen it enough times.