“Sweet Surrender” included in their studio music album NIGHTBIRD 2005.

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  1. Fan of Erasure.  Night Bird is definitely up there with the bast albums.
    Sweet Surrender / Here I go Impossible Again / Sunday Girl….great songd

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  3. ERASURE é a perfeição da música eletrônica ,ERASURE é a melhor banda de música eletrônica do planeta, ANSIOSO para saber qual será o disco e onde será a comemoração dos 35 anos de história e sucesso do ERASURE.

  4. I have heard Andy didn't love that song, he hated it. At this time he
    began his split of the original erasure stil and he took Vince with
    him. So it began a space of very unsuccessful erasure productions!
    And I fear they will not find their way back to quality. Remember
    Vince Clarke was the man who made songs like midnight or don't
    suppose…………..and now always this nothing! First time hearing Vince Clarke misic getting goose bumps, it ended in 2005!