1.”A Little Respect”
2.”Ship of Fools”
3.”Phantom Bride”
4.”Chains of Love”
5.”Hallowed Ground”
6.”Sixty-Five Thousand”
7.”Heart of Stone”
10.”Witch in the Ditch”
11.”Weight of the World”
12.”When I Needed You” (Melancholic Mix)
13.”River Deep, Mountain High” (Private Dance Mix)

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  1. 1990. 12 years old. Family holiday. All in the car. This album cassette on constant repeat for the drive to and from Wales. 29 years later. Still in my top 5. So many memories. So much feels.

  2. Thank you guys! Thank you for my youth. From 1989 I was at all concerts ERASURE in Czechoslovakia. Especially thank you for the album "Innocents".

  3. Yes I owned this on cassette and then later on CD. This is such a great album. By far my favorite Erasure album. Well, this and Wonderland!! Lol

  4. It is so hard for me to listen to this group. My husband introduce me to this group he would sing to me all the time these songs. I cry a lit now when I hear these songs. He passed away and I can still see him singing these songs. I miss you Shawn.

  5. ERASURE é a perfeição da música eletrônica, ERASURE é a melhor banda de música eletrônica do planeta, ANSIOSO para saber qual será o disco e onde será a comemoração dos 35 anos de história e sucesso do ERASURE, eu Luciano fã do ERASURE a mais de 33 anos, ERASURE no rock in rio 2019, ERASURE no festival Lolapaloza Brasil 2019, bem que poderia ser verdade .