Erasure will release ‘When I Start To (Break It All Down)’, the first single from their brand new album ‘Tomorrow’s World’, on 26th September (CD 5-track single & Digital 5-track bundle) through Amazon, HMV, Play and iTunes in the UK.

The 5-track single features Erasure’s version of the theme music to the cult TV science show ‘Tomorrow’s World’ which is previewed in this video…

The ‘Tomorrow’s World’ album is released on October 3rd (October 4th in the USA) is now available for pre-order…

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  1. I can't believe you did this!! It's brilliant! I did hope that you would and you did! I had just watched the old Tomorrow's World titles on You Tube the other day. This is my favourite of them all. Thank you, you are fantastic!

  2. I'm a fan of Erasure, and I dig this video. The tech in here awesome, and the music is great. However, it needs a little less flower pot. I suggest removing half of those flowery clips, then slowing down the pans on the gadgetry a bit to fill the space. That will give more time to look at the toys and still keep the transitions on the beat. Nice work though, I'm excited about the new album!

  3. @GanEdenAustralia It's hard to tell, isn't it? Given that it's Vince and that he's got his hardware kit in order now, I think not.

  4. Be sure to listen to the ALL-Erasure hour including a play of several tracks off the new album on HOT SAUCE RADIO at, LIVE at 4pm PST SUNDAY Oct 2.

  5. This is absolutely brilliant and the full version through headphones is superb.This is Mr Clarke at his utmost best the good old synth sound with a touch of Giorgio Moroder in it.Given the collaborations Vince has done recently with Jean MIchelle Jarre etc it has opened his creativness even wider!!.well done Vince.