Erasure at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado – Sunday Girl

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  1. i like erasure a ton, and i ain't gay. Sunday girl was the best song on the album. Chorus was their best album tho, i think vince should stick to analog synths. Andy's vocals sound good either way though

  2. Love Erasure, but if you're going to post a video it's best not to whoo! into the mic all the way through… unless it was a nearby gay doing that…

  3. Precicely, what difference does it mean to be gay while singing 'any' song ??? Then again, Why stop emulating the myth of perpetual Alienation !!!
    "Proud to be gay" What are ye like? You realize "Pride" is a Capital sin as in the anthisesis of "Humble" pie, Gays or Staright alike, yer gonna burn in gay Heaven for dat me old matie feller me lad hop, skip and jump.