The song was released in the UK on Mute Records in 1985 as a prelude to their debut album Wonderland. At the time it was considered a failure, especially when compared to Vince Clarke’s success with his previous groups Depeche Mode and Yazoo.

Who Needs Love Like That” is an uptempo pop song written by Vince Clarke. The lyrics are a cast-off to a destructive love relationship, in which the protagonist asks “who needs love like that?” The music video takes place in a mock Western, with Clarke, Andy Bell and various extras dressed as cowboys. Bell appears in a dual role, the other being woman’s drag.
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La canción fue lanzada en el Reino Unido en 1985 pero para version 12″ se encuentra en los discos de Wonderland de version para Estados Unidos de 1986 .Este single es la version remix con duracion de 6:11, compuesto por Vince Clarke con su modo similar a Yazoo y anteriores sigles de Depeche Mode.

Who Needs Love Like That es una canción de tipo Synth – Pop ,escrita por Vince Clarke. Las líricas alusivas a una relación destructiva del amor, en la cual el protagonista pide “quién necesita amor como eso?”: Who Needs Love Like That .El vídeo de la música ocurre en un Viejo Oeste de vaqueros falso, con Clarke, Andy Bell y los varios suplementos vestidos como vaqueros. Bell aparece en un papel dual, el otro ser fricción de la mujer.

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  1. Who needs love like that is a great song.. i especially liked the hamburg mix in 92.. that was the first time i had heard it. i used to listen to it over and over again 🙂 driving my sister mad! eventually she got to like them though.

  2. Had a shit day at work, felt ill, was depressed about the news around the world, so I put this on the stereo and….was magically transported away from all my troubles. Thanks Erasure!